Family Trip to Ecuador with Me to We Through Canadian Living

Day 1: Saturday May 12, 2018 was full of travelling. Waking up at 3:00am getting ready to leave the island for Sudbury. Once we where on are way to the Sudbury airport are dad got pulled over by the police outside of Esponal. I was with my mom, Jason, and Ashley in the car. We passed the truck with my dad and Michael in. We ended up pulling over into a parking lot to wait for them to go by. It was a crazy experience. We didn't see the police behind us it was almost like he came out of the middle of nowhere. My mom though we where going to run into him. This was the first time flying for everyone besides Ashley. When we got to the Sudbury airport it was under construction no one knew where to go. Finally we stopped and asked someone inside the airport where we park. Once we got that all figured out we grabbed are bags and headed inside. We got are tickets and got are bags tagged. We went through cosomes security. We had to wait for a bit. Then are flight to Toronto was called. That was amazing experience. Never being on a plane before I didn't know what to expect. Once we landed in Toronto we had to take a bus from the plane to the building. Then we had to do it all over again. Hall way after hall way, going through so many stages of security. Then we had to wait for hours for are next flight to Huston Texas. When we finally got to Huston we had to sit through another long wait to get the next plane to Quito, Ecuador. When we finally got into Quito it was such a long wait through the line to be let into the country. Once that was done we had to fine are Me to We representative. That's when we meet Henrick. It was after 12:00am by the time we got settle into the Wyndham Airport hotel.

Day 2: Sunday May 13, 2018 We got ready to descend into the Amazon Basin. But first we went downstairs to have breakfast. That's when we meet up again with Henrick are facility member and Ryan who was also a member but was there for another lady. We also meet are photographer Carlso. It was awkward not really knowing anyone, not knowing Spanish. Once we got in the van we started are journey from Quito into the highlands with views of snow-capped volcanoes, on the winding mountain roads. Seeing the cloud forest and all the different plants. This took 7 hours. We ended up stopping at this little building high in the highlands. It was a pizza place. Boy did he have amazing pizza, apple and strawberry soda. After stopping there for lunch we started again on are journey. I wasn't feeling well at the Hotel but I never thought anything of it. We only have less then 2 hours left of the drive when my mom woke me up from my sleep. In the end I ended up throwing up all over the van. Covered in my own vomit we pulled over to clean the van up the best we could. It was so embarrassing. I just wanted to forget about it. When we finally got to the Rio Napo, Amazon River we took a boat/canoe ride across the to Minga Lodge. Once we got there we meet the Me to We team. It was so beautiful at the Minga Lodge. We got to see are rooms for the week and see where we would be having are diners. They where so welcoming and excepting at Minga. The food was amazing they even made a cake for my mom because in Canada it was Mother's Day. At the end of diner we talked about are favourite part of the day and what we would be doing the next day.

Day 3: Monday 14, 2018 we had a breakfast and the got ready to visit the community we would be helping out at. We got ready and went down to the boat launch. We took a 30 minute canoe ride down the Rio Napo River to the small community of Bellavista. Once we got there we sat down and meet with the foreman in charge of the build site. We would be making pillars for a building that would be a kitchen area on the school ground to help educate the children how important it is to have clean hands and to prepare food properly. He then had us collect boards down the road and carry them back to the school yard. After we moved the boards we then went back to Minga Lodge for lunch. After Lunch we crossed the river to meet a farmer to hear/experience the day in a life as a farmer. We had the opportunity to collect water and carry it back to his farm. At the homestead he told us about his life in the Amazon. Are farmer was a huge part at getting a wall around his homestead after the death of one of his daughter. He got involved with Me to We and told them his story and together they worked together in order to bring clean water to the people. My father really bonded with the farmer. They happened to be the same age and my dad has a background in farming.